Water Quality Diagnosis
Our professionals are trained to make a diagnosis of the water that is coming to your home and provide all the information you and your family need to know about this vital liquid.
Level 1: Mail Test

We will send by mail to your home an envelope containing a test tube, which must be filled with a water sample taken from one of the keys of your home and a form to respond, send us forward this information when finished.

Level 2: Professional Water Diagnosis

Schedule an appointment for a professional water analysis in your home. One of our analysts is responsible for conducting the necessary tests to determine the water quality consumed at home, informed you of the results and give you some recommendations.

Level 3: Annual Inspection

If you have any water purification system in your home, we can do the tests needed to ensure the proper functioning of the water treatment machine.
Contact us for a visit and to perform a water test in your home.