About Us
To provide solutions to families that help them improve water quality in their homes and businesses with products of the highest quality, environmentally sustainable and recognized worldwide that offer wellness and better health for everyone.
Sow global awareness of the importance in solving water problems, creating a common priority of improving the quality , follow the movement of change , being recognized by our sense of contribution and social responsibility with all communities in the world.

In home-use Water Treatment system incorporates technology developed to purify the water aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Environmental Protection Agency of United States. Number of certification 35900-3

Gold Seal, certified validation for Highest Quality Products. Ensures Highest Efficiency (4042/lbs – 44gal.) and Highest Flow Rates (15GPM) Best Certified product.

“Bacteriostatic media” inhibits bacteria growth while reducing Chlorine and Chloramine bad taste and odors. Provide high quality water through-out your home.

Ensures Highest Quality Water for reduction of hardness (ANSI/NSF Standard 44) & (NSF 372) for lead free compliance as verified and substantiated by test data.

Offers best in class and more value and protection for your Whole House Treatment needs.